Deck Grids & Shelves

Are you plagued with dirty, rusty shelving? Has the plastic gone brittle making cleaning a difficult and unpleasant chore?

They may even loose you custom?

Then help is at hand !!!

Plastic coated wire is an easily cleaned, hygienic material perfect for refrigerated window display and storage, but equally useful because of its robust and malleable nature.
In the day to day running of your business it is important that your display units and window displays are both practical and functional.
We at Hygienic manufacture a wide range of plastic coated metal deck grids and shelves made to order that will not only enhance your display, but are easy to clean and most importantly HYGIENIC

  • The grids are manufactured from 8 mm rod framework and supports.
  • In-fills are 3.75 mm at 1″spacings.
  • All grids are plastic coated white.
  • Grids can be raised
  • Flat deck grids and shelves

Ordering couldn’t be easier:

  • Measure the original grids/shelves that you have or measure the counter bed making any allowances needed, even send us a photograph
  • See which category group they fall into below
  • Give us a ring and we will take your special order
  • If that fails just give us a ring any way and we will be glad to help you

Order up to the sizes in each group

DG1 up to 18″ x 24″ (46 x 61cm) 

DG2 up to 24″ x 30″ (61 x 76cm) 

Raised grids (per grid) 

Order up to the sizes in each group

Deck grids and shelves for butchers and refrigeration companies all made to customer specifications. Please contact our sales office with size of grid or shelf, or the measurements of refrigerated bed, ordering couldn’t be easier.