About Us


Hygienic products have been at the forefront of design and manufacture of plastic coated wire goods for 40 years. We make most of our items in our factory in Ledbury on the Bromyard Road Industrial Estate which has been home since the late 1970’s.

The introduction of the restrainer basket in the 1980’s to veterinary surgeons and animal welfare groups was one of the most innovative pieces of safety equipment designed to protect their staff whilst treating agitated and dangerous cats and dogs. Also the leading supplier of deck grids and shelving to butchers and refrigeration companies.

You the customer are at the heart of our business, so customer service is very important to us whether you buy one item or are buying on a regular basis.
The same innovative ideas feed into the products manufactured for the public as well as the pet care organisations today.

Hygienics latest product has been the very successful loopypuzzle.co.uk devised to test your problem solving skills.